2 Step Approach

The 2 Step Approach


Child Proofing in Houston, TX

Making your home safe with our Child Safety Products

Step 1 - In-Home Safety Evaluation and Detailed Review of Hazards

Our child safety and baby proofing specialists are trained with the International Association for Child Safety, an organization dedicated to child safety. Our trained child safety specialists will perform a room-by-room evaluation of your home's potential hazards. Our extensive education and experience is the most valuable portion of our service, as you will gain an understanding of the potential dangers a child might encounter in your home. We take the time to learn about your family and lifestyle, which allows us to design a custom safety solution that is unique to your home. After the survey, you will receive a detailed review of your home listing any potential hazards and our recommended safety solutions. In the past 23 years, thousands of families have made their home safer for their children by calling on Precious Baby Protectors.

Our thorough in-home evaluation covers many areas including:
  • Kitchen hazards
  • Bathroom hazards
  • Electrical hazards
  • Pool fence & Pool Barrier hazards
  • Fire hazards
  • Top Heavy Television and Furniture
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Step 2 - Expert Installation

Precious Baby Protectors of Houston, TX performs custom installation of safety products and addresses more complex safety issues in your home. Our installer's unmatched craftsmanship, expertise and professionalism help provide additional peace of mind to you. Call us today for a home evaluation!

NOTE: Please let us know if you need information regarding elderly or pet safety solutions.

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