Precious Baby Protectors Reminds Parents to Childproof Exterior Doors

It is easy to underestimate what toddlers are capable of doing, especially when they are determined. Many adults do not realize that from 15 months old, children can open doors that lead to the outside. Precious Baby Protectors, a company dedicated to the safety of children, is reminding parents and guardians to consider child safety by keeping doors secure and childproofed.

"We had a call this weekend from a scared parent whose child left the home at 3 a.m.," Rick Leviton of Precious Baby Protectors said. "He opened the deadbolt on the front door and just walked out."

It later turned out that the child, who just turned 16 months old, wanted to go three houses down to play with the “jumpy” he had used earlier in the day. Thanks to a concerned paper boy who alerted the police, he was returned to his parents safely. 

Precious Baby Protectors received a phone call from the parents asking what they could do to secure their doors. Precious Baby Protectors visited the house and provided the parents with a way to keep their baby safe. 

"We went out the same day and placed specialty spring-loaded grabber locks at the top of the doors,” Leviton said. “Not only are they child safe, but they also keep intruders from breaking in."

Investing around $35 to $65 per door for a child safety lock is very little compared to the priceless benefits of ensuring that the children are safeguarded from probable dangers outdoors.

Precious Baby Protectors is a licensed, insured and bonded company serving the greater Houston, TX area. For inquiries, consultations and evaluations, contact Precious Baby Protectors at 281-438-4670.