Very educational experience. Learned a lot about child-proofing a home. Job was done in a timely manner and it looks great.

Ivan P.
Very nice staff! Very efficient.

Kelly B.
Very pleased with their products and their professional service. The retractable baby gates on our stairs and our "grandma" cabinet locks are perfect for visiting grand kids but not a hassle for everybody.

Kathi Beekman Lowry
Great People and products. Thank you so much for creating a safe environment for kids at our home.

Carole Ellerbe Moore
Rick and Evan are awesome. Thank you for helping us make our house safe!

Blake Masters
Houston, Texas
Rick, your crew came into my house today to child proof it. The first thing they asked was do we need to take off our shoes, or are you ok with booty covers? WOW! No one has ever made shoes an issue. As a new mom I never thought about shoes on the floor, thank you for that information as well as all the other information you gave us in the home evaluation. The best thing is my home is child proofed, and I feel good about it. There were a few things I knew to take care of but my husband and I had no clue how to. You have helped us so much. At first I thought this was going to be too much money and we could not afford to have it all done. Well you proved me wrong on that, it was very affordable and well worth it. In fact I have two new friends with babies and I would like to purchase a gift card for them. How would I go about doing that? Thank you so much for everything!

Mrs. Goldstein
Houston, Texas
Dear Rick,I am very pleased we met at the Moms Expo. You and your crew came into my house and did everything you said you would, and more. (Thank you for fixing that cabinet door, its been broke since we moved in). Your company standards are very high, and very professional. Now I know why everyone I talk to has used you. All I can say is thank you for making our home and pool safe. My husband is so happy that it was done by someone that knows what they are doing. I have given your name out many times and will continue to.

Alison Sparks
The Woodlands, TX
Thank you for making our home safe. It was great working with you and your company. Our installers are very professional and courteous, and even stopped and helped me carry in my groceries. I was referred to your company by a very picky friend of mine and I know if she used you, you must be the best. Thank you for all your help. I am sending my mother-in-law’s number to get her home done also.

A Hill
Bellaire, TX
Rick,Just thought I would drop a note here. When my wife called Precious Baby Protectors to see about an in home evaluation I was against this. My wife told me what she had done and I told her I can do it myself, do not even have them come. Well she had your company come out without me knowing, I was on a business trip for nine days. I guess she felt comfortable with the owner Rick and his staff. When I got back into town my house was child safe. At first I was upset, because I thought I could do it. Then I realized how great this was, its done and I don’t have to spend time trying to do this. There were so many things I never would have thought about that Precious Baby took care of. I am so impressed that I have referred your company to many of my friends. In fact we are all at the mall last Sunday and I was talking to another dad. I told him about your company and how I was so thrilled. He said “Chuck they are coming over on Monday; my sister used them 9 years ago.” All I could say was, Wow good for you! If you ever want to take your company national please look me up, I will be your first investor.

Dr. M
West University
Description of Work: Installed 4 baby gates and baby fence to go across the living room and kitchen.Comments: They did a great job. They brought all of their own materials. They were quick on the installation. They did a very professional job and made it look great.

Houston, TX
Rick and his team are extremely professional and knowledgeable. They evaluated my house, inside and out, and made recommendations to keep my 3 toddlers safe. They also told me what we did not need, so I felt they were most concerned with safety, and not just focused on selling me unnecessary things. They have proprietary products that you can't get anywhere else that are better, safer, and easier to use. I highly recommend them.

Rating: ★★★★★ 5.00


Kelly T.
Missouri City, TX