15+ Tips on Child-Friendly Bathroom Design from the Professional Bathroom Remodelers

When your baby becomes a toddler, it’s time to train them to visit the bathroom on their own. Some parents make their bathroom look more attractive to encourage their children in potty-training and make the bathing time fun. But what is more important, is to keep your bathroom safe.

Our Houston baby proofing team at Precious Baby Protectors reached out to the local experienced bathroom remodeling professionals for their baby proof bathroom remodeling ideas. Learn from our article what the experts advise on how to make the bathing time with your toddlers safe and fun.

Ike Dadabhoy

Ike Dadabhoy and his crew at Your Dream Remodeling have been handling all kinds of home improvement projects for almost 30 years now. Ike enjoys turning an old space into a modern and attractive interior. His passion for designing beautiful and functional interiors and responsible approach to work has led to a great reputation among the clients.

Houston TX babyproof bathroom renovation project by Your Dream Remodeling

Houston TX babyproof bathroom remodeling project by Your Dream Remodeling

First and foremost is to make the bathroom safe, and then friendly for kids. Make sure to use matte finish tiles on floor to provide traction which reduces slipping (avoid polished tiles on floor). Use non scalding plumbing fixtures to avoid hazards. Make sure the countertop has round bullnose edges and same with any other items in the bathroom. Put a stepstool and make sure the towels and storage are within reach of the kid/s.

Now to make this a fun place, you can try different paint colors for walls & cabinets. Plus add whimsical lighting to make this attractive to kids (new color changing LEDs really make it fun).

Don Prine

Don Prine together with Paula Palm founded their own remodeling company Seek Design & Renovation in July of 2007. With 40+ years of Don’s construction experience, Paula’s skills in business management and interior design, and top-notch team of craftsmen, clients can be sure they are in the best of hands.

Houston TX Child Proof Bathroom Designed By Seek Design & Renovation

Houston TX Child Proof Bathroom Remodeled by Seek Design & Renovation

A child-friendly bathroom remodel first and foremost needs to be safe. We have done many kids bathrooms which starts with installing the right type of flooring that is slip proof for the floors, shower and tub. We also have done many built-in steps in the vanity areas for kids to reach the sinks comfortably.

Jennifer Huthmacher

Jennifer Huthmacher and her husband Ross Huthmacher are the owners of Ashwood Designs & Custom Homes—a Houston-based design-build company that specializes in large remodeling projects and new construction. The professional team makes it a point to learn more about favorite styles and other preferences of their customers to create a space that feels like home.

Babyproof bathroom remodeling project in Houston TX by Ashwood Designs & Custom Homes

Babyproof bathroom renovation project in Houston TX by Ashwood Designs & Custom Homes

We would say build the bathroom with an adult in mind. You can add fun tile or paint but kids will grow, so smaller size toilets, cabinets etc will need to be redone as they grow (unless money is no object). If you build the bathroom to typical size you can buy after market items to help your child reach the sink, etc.

We would highly recommend a bath shower combo. And with all of the affordable options for body sprays and rain shower heads bath time could be even more fun. Always have your bathroom baby proofed if you store soap, toothpaste or other items you may not want the baby/child to get into.

Chris Juarez

Chris Juarez gained in-depth knowledge and skills while working at a custom home building company. He rapidly rose to the project manager position and was responsible for everything starting from breaking ground to turning over the keys to the homeowner. In 2017, Chris created his own remodeling business—Lonestar Custom Construction & Remodeling where he strives to provide a large company expertise with the small company mentality, attention to detail, and personalized approach.

Luxurious childproof bathroom renovation by Lonestar Custom Construction & Remodeling in Houston TX

Luxurious babyproof bathroom renovation by Lonestar Custom Construction & Remodeling in Houston TX

For your new bathroom remodel, keeping the little ones in mind is recommended, some things to keep in mind would include baby proofing your cabinets. This will include utilizing the proper hardware for your cabinet setup. Another tip would be to install a commode lock to keep Jr. from opening the lid and endangering himself or herself.

Of course, installing a childproof cover over the door knob leading to the bathroom would be one if not your first line of defense. One last quick tip would be to remember to set your water heater to no higher than 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Let’s keep those kiddos safe and we will see you on your next remodel!

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