Precious Baby Protectors knows your child's safety is one of your biggest concerns. As parents, we share your desire for a safe and happy home for your child. Precious Baby Protector's comprehensive program combines home safety solutions and parental education to provide a positive environment where your child can grow and explore free from unnecessary dangers.

Our commitment is to make sure that your home is safe for your child. Give us a call to schedule a home evaluation.

"We give you peace of mind"

Precious Baby Protectors has 19 years experience child-proofing homes!

Your child's safety is too important to rely on advice from a hardware store clerk, local handyman or a magazine article. When parents walk into a store, they might not understand what they really need; a lot of safety products are just impulse buys. When they get home, they often find that the product isn't right for them and then apathy sets in.

We design complete solutions which can save you time, money and protect your child better, in the long run. Our experience helps you reduce the chance of accidents to your child by identifying potential hazards you might have never known existed. Put our experience to work for you. Call us today for a home evaluation!  The only CERTIFIED child safety professional in Houston, TX.





5% off all sales will go the the Joshua and Robin Berry childrens
trust foundation.

This is to help out 3 children who lost their parents in a car wreck on July 3.  Two of the children may never walk again.

You can also make donations by visiting the website for Joshua
and Robin Berry childrens trust .com

Certified Child Proofing Specialist TX008


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